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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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Omron: Proven PCB Inspection Solutions
3D optical inspection system.
Schaumburg, IL — Omron is presenting its comprehensive line of AOI and AXI inspection equipment from table-top to in-line systems that provide a total SMT solution fully compatible with the QupNavi Software suite designed for Root-Cause Analysis and total SMT quality improvement.

The VP 6000 is a 3-dimensional solder paste inspection (SPI) system capable of inspecting 100 percent of solder paste deposition at in-line speeds. Utilizing structured light to perform 3D inspections and its unique method of automatically adjusting the Z-Axis for board warpage, it is capable of producing extremely accurate and repeatable inspections. The system easily programs in less than 15 minutes with the importing of a single Gerber file and a CAD placement file. The system also includes a full complement of SPC charts and graphs in the standard offline programming station. The VT-RNS table-top and in-line AOI systems deliver high-performance inspection capability in a cost-effective platform. The VT-RNS uses the company's patented, proven Color Highlight system which delivers superior solder joint illumination by providing 3-dimensional information from a 2-dimensional image. This system utilizes RGB LEDS in a dome configuration which ensures consistent inspection regardless of component angles. The 3-CCD camera used in the system enhances solder shape recognition accuracy by obtaining three times the information of a conventional 1-CCD camera, delivering robust inspection results down to 10µ resolution. Combined with EzTS software, this solution can dramatically reduce setup and changeover time allowing more production uptime and lowering quality inspection costs.

Contact: Omron Electronics LLC, 1 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173 866-886-6766 fax: 847-285-8176 Web:

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