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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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Innovative SEHO Solder Nozzles
Versatile wave soldering system.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH has expanded its range of innovative nozzle geometries for wave soldering machines to help meet the needs of growing diversity in power electronics assemblies. Such devices pose special new challenges for wave soldering, and the current industry focus is on sufficient heat input with high throughput requirements.

SEHO's expanded range of nozzle geometries provides the appropriate nozzle concept for every application, from single solder nozzles to a combination of different nozzle geometries. The nozzles significantly reduce typical soldering defects such as insufficient fillings, open solder joints and soldering bridges.

The changing manufacturing requirements manifest themselves, especially in the configuration of the soldering area. Here, the classic combination of a narrow solder nozzle in the first position and a broader one on the second is being reversed. The result is longer wetting times and improved heat input. Depending on the product, the throughput of the wave soldering system can be accelerated by up to 40 percent, significantly increasing productivity in electronic manufacturing.

All nozzles are suitable for processing lead-free solder alloys, and can be changed quickly because of their bayonet couplings, thus minimizing retooling and maintenance times.

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