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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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OC White Intros LED Magnifier
LED benchtop magnifier.
Thorndike, MA — O.C. White Co. has introduced its latest state-of-the-art Patent Pending, LED-designed magnifiers. This new series of "Green-Lite" energy-efficient LED magnifiers are said to be the first of their kind.

Running on a very safe 15V, these new units run worldwide with only the change of a simple computer-type cord, with worldwide approvals. A smart control module allows the operator to change LED zones of lighting to contrast and shadow their work.

For energy management, a special timer can be enabled to shut off each magnifier every 4 hours and 5 minutes, helping to reduce energy costs especially in large firms where many lights may be left on for hours with no workers attending them.

Superb sleek styling wraps the 12 LED array in a die-cast ESD-safe housing which provides excellent cooling for the LEDS, critical to long LED life. Unlike other sources, O.C.White is the only company to use the new SMT led designs with specially designed lenses to provide superior broad field lighting, a necessity in this type of visual inspection work.

In addition, the company has also introduced new permanent upgrades to all of its magnifiers, making them the highest standard magnification power of 2X (4 diopter) without distortion. Designed for industrial use, the new magnifiers provide at least 10 years of mechanical life and an anticipated life of 5 years or 50,000 hours for the LEDS. The lamps run at only 8 watts or less, while producing over 4X the amount of light when compared to fluorescent products.

The new units provide shadowless illumination by precise angling of the LEDS which cross these wide spectrum LEDS at multiple points rather than simply pointing the old style leds at one single point. This special design provides excellent bright 6500K white light at virtually any focal length a magnifier user would desire, mimicking the fluorescent's ability to provide even lighting.

Contact: O.C. White Company, 4226 Church Street, Thorndike, MA 01079 888-629-4483 or 413-289-1751 fax: 413-289-1754 E-mail: Web:

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