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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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DEK Raises Paste Transfer Efficiency
Squeegee blade assembly containing embedded electronics.
Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK has launched ProActiv, calling it a breakthrough process technology designed to enable electronics manufacturers to rise to the challenge of increasing miniaturization by rewriting the area ratio rules that limit conventional printing with smaller stencil apertures.\par \Suitable for manufacturers dealing with high-density heterogeneous boards and ultra-fine-pitch assemblies, the process enables next-generation components to be printed alongside standard components, using only a conventional printing process with a single thickness stencil.

As the stencil aperture area ratio decreases to meet the needs of increased miniaturization and heterogeneous assemblies, the chance of successful printing decreases. In the future, if trying to incorporate 0.3mm pitch CSPs into existing processes, stencil apertures with area ratios of approximately 0.4 will be required — significantly beyond today's printing rules. However, the launch of ProActiv has rewritten these rules, presenting a new printing technique that extends the print process window down to a level that makes it possible to achieve consistent printing of small apertures for 0.3mm CSPs and 01005 passives.

Each ProActiv installation contains a control subsystem and a set of squeegees that have embedded electronics. When activated, the system energizes the paste that is in contact with or in very close proximity to the squeegee blade. This unique energizing action does not alter the paste but causes it to be far more compliant, improving the packing density of solder particles into apertures and enhancing the bond between those particles. In turn, this transforms solder paste transfer efficiency to deliver incremental improvements in quality, yield and throughput.

Contact: DEK, 1785 Winnetka Circle, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 847-368-1155 Web:

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