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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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MTS Re-Designs Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
Magnetostrictive position sensors.
Cary, NC — MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has re-designed the Temposonics® E-Series of linear-position sensors, which offers efficient and effective position measurement specifically for cost-sensitive applications.

The re-design of the complete product family and addition of two new models combine to incorporate the latest advances in

magnetostrictive technology while maintaining the economical pricing for which the E-Series sensor family is known.

Upon its introduction, the original E-Series sensor family became a clear alternative to linear potentiometers and multiple limit switches. As a position sensor that provided performance and reliability in a small package, it became and remains an exceptional solution for machine control and factory automation designers. All E-Series position sensors now provide 0.01mm resolution and repeatability, as well as 0.03 percent linearity deviation at a cost-effective price point. In addition, the new sensors provide backward compatibility with the previous versions of the product family. With its rugged construction, the sensor achieves minimum IP67 ratings as well as 100g shock and 10g vibration resistance across the product family.

The new E-Series sensors provide Analog (voltage or current) and Start/Stop output. The analog model is now capable of reporting two positions simultaneously when using two position magnets. The E-Series connectivity now uses widely available M12 connector cables. Two new models increase the range of suitable applications: a stainless-steel model EH provides a compact, rugged rod-style package with either a 7 or 10mm tube. Completely new to the E-Series is the EL, a low-profile version, suitable for space-critical applications because of its height of just 15mm. The EP profile-style model can operate so that the magnet floats over the sensor's head. The rod-and-cylinder housed ER version now has improved sealing and can be installed in any orientation.

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