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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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AMC Intros Multiple "Z-Drive" Servos
Compact motion control devices.
Camarillo, CA — Advanced Motion Controls has added higher operating bus voltages and increased current deliveries for PCB-embedded servo drives that are small enough to fit in an area less than that of a business card.

The "AZ" and "AZB" series are intended for use under normal industrial conditions, as well as the "AZX" series, in extended environments — PCB mount embedded, plug-in servo drive modules. Models within the AZ and AZB series now operate over a 40 to 175VDC range while delivering up to 20Amps for a total of 3.5kW peak power. With the growing demand for increased power in more robust applications, the 10 to 80VDC range of AZX series now delivers up to 25Amps for up to 2.0kW of peak power.

The feature-rich AZ, AZB and AZX servo drives have range and capability that establishes operation for: motor type — brushed/voice coil or brushless; command input — either ±10V, PWM and direction; operational mode — torque; Hall velocity or encoder velocity and environment — industrial or extended. The drives are extremely lightweight and compact, easy to integrate, while eliminating wiring hassles — providing high reliability and ready availability.

Nearly 50 different model combinations provide optimal features to fulfill the application's exact needs. All choices result in the most cost-effective servo drive solutions for OEMs when developing equipment that needs motion control.

All units have extremely high current loop bandwidth for quick response times when used in critical or challenging applications. Yet they are designed to minimize overall system costs.

Contact: Advanced Motion Controls, 3805 Calle Tecate, Camarillo, CA 93012 805-389-1935 fax: 805-389-1165 Web:

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