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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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4DSP Adds Two A/D D/A Cards
A/D daughter card.
Reno, NV — 4DSP has released two new analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog cards based on the FPGA mezzanine card standard (FMC). The FMC204 and FMC150 daughter cards are mechanically and electrically compliant with FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57.1).

The FMC204 is a quad-channel D/A FMC daughter card, providing four channels of 16-bit D/A at 1Gsps. The card allows flexible control on clock source, sampling frequency, and calibration through an I2C communication bus, and includes a high-pin count (HPC) connector and front panel I/O. The card supports LVDS/2.5V IO signaling and includes an HDMI connector for user defined signaling.

The FMC150 is a dual channel A/D and dual channel D/A FMC daughter card. The card provides two channels of 14-bit A/D at 250Msps and two channels of 16-bit D/A at 800Msps. The FMC150 allows flexible control on clock source, analog input gain, and offset correction through serial communications buses and includes a low-pin count connector and front panel I/O. The card supports LVDS/2.5V IO signaling. The design is based on TI's ADS62P49 dual-channel 14-bit 250Msps ADC and TI's DAC3283 dual channel 16-bit 800Msps DAC.

Both cards can be clocked by an internal clock source, optionally locked to an external reference, or by an external sample clock supplied through a coax connection. In addition, there is one trigger input for customized sampling control. Both the FMC204 and FMC150 cards can be used in a conduction-cooled or convection-cooled environment and are equipped with power supply and temperature monitoring and offer several power-down modes to switch off unused functions, reducing system level power and heat, making them well suited for software-defined radio (SDR), battery or other low power source applications. This is suitable for applications such as airborne where power demand effects mission range and on-station mission time.

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