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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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Creform Intros Cart & Rack for Wire Spools

Greer, SC — Creform has introduced a new cart/storage rack unit designed specifically to hold and maximize handling capabilities for various gauge sizes and color-coded spools of electrical wire. The carts are especially suitable for use at electronic manufacturing facilities where wire is used on .the floor for production assembly and sub-assembly work.

The cart, once moved into position, serves as the
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DEK Raises Paste Transfer Efficiency

Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK has launched ProActiv, calling it a breakthrough process technology designed to enable electronics manufacturers to rise to the challenge of increasing miniaturization by rewriting the area ratio rules that limit conventional printing with smaller stencil apertures....
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Dispense Works: Multi Tasking Benchtop Robot

McHenry, IL — The RP series robot from Dispense Works may be set up with multiple heads to perform dispensing operations and other tasks such as pick-and-place assembly, laser inspection, and weighing. Each axis has pre-loaded lead screws and ball slides for machine-tool-like performance and rigidity ...Read More
Easy Braid Intros Soldering Stations

Minneapolis, MN — Easy Braid Co. has introduced a new product line of soldering iron stations. Manufactured from the finest materials, these stations include an LCD display with a built-in power indicator and tip cartridge status indicator, dual switchable output, and an external fuse for ease of ...
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ERSA: Boosting Reflow Oven Efficiency

Wertheim, Germany — ERSA has inserted an additional air cleaning stage in its HOTFLOW 3 reflow ovens to provide what the company terms "substantially improved process gas cleaning."

Keeping the oven clean, getting rid of residues, remains a major ...
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ESD Cleanroom Wipes from Blue Thunder

Enfield, CT — The ULTIMATE 5 Wipe material is antistatic, extremely low in particle generation and extremely low in chemical extractables.
This fabric consists of premium quality virgin polyester fibers and carbon core nylon fibers that are continuously filamented throughout the no-run knit ... 
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Fancort Intros Ultrasonic Soldering

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort Industries is introducing manual and robotic ultrasonic soldering equipment for soldering hard-to-solder metals and non-metallic substrates like glass, ceramics, steel, silicon, aluminum and metal oxides — all without flux. Dissimilar materials can also be soldered such as glass to metal. The wetting process takes place under normal atmosphere ...
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Goepel Extends In-System Technology to Freescale ColdFire

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has developed a dedicated model library for the Freescale MCF5225x micro controller with ColdFire® V2 architecture to support the innovative emulation technology VarioTAP®.Read More
Heraeus Intros Silver Paste for PVs

Conshohocken, PA — Heraeus has released SOL9383, specifically formulated for n-Type monocrystalline cells. This new Silver paste is specially formulated and designed to make excellent contact on P+ surface of N-Type Cells. This new product is expected to help commercialize N-Type cell technology.Read More
Innovative SEHO Solder Nozzles

Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH has expanded its range of innovative nozzle geometries for wave soldering machines to help meet the needs of growing diversity in power electronics assemblies. Such devices pose special new challenges for wave soldering, and the current industry focus is ...Read More
JTAG Intros Full-Featured Developers Suite

Eindhoven, Netherlands -- JTAG Technologies is introducing a new economically-priced software and hardware system for board-level and system designers for boundary-scan test and programming. The company's ProVision Designer Station offers a low entry price yet retains key features such as automatic test program generation (ATPG) for interconnections and in-system programming (ISP) for devices.
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KolverUSA: Torque Control Screwdrivers

Westford, MA — KolverUSA's SmartArm system error-proofs the assembly process, ensuring that every screw is in the correct location at the right torque. The product has a strong mechanical construction with bearing guides on two main pivot posts and three rotary encoders (X/Y/Z) that ensure positional control ...Read More
Nordson YESTECH: Latest Generation AOI Solution

Carlsbad, CA — Nordson YESTECH showcase their latest generation Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions for printed circuit boards.
Nordson YESTECH's latest technology, the FX Series AOI — has advanced 5 megapixel color camera technology and Fusion Lighting, offering ...
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OC White Intros LED Magnifier

Thorndike, MA — O.C. White Co. has introduced its latest state-of-the-art Patent Pending, LED-designed magnifiers. This new series of "Green-Lite" energy-efficient LED magnifiers are said to be the first of their kind.
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Promess Intros Hand-Held Calibration Meter

Brighton, MI — Promess, Inc. has added a new microprocessor-based, handheld meter for calibration, certification, and verification of both laboratory and production measuring equipment. The new PRO-CM16 includes a digital sensor interface for automatic detection of torque and force sensors, and a ...Read More
Schleuniger's TransferLine Automates Cable Processing

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger has integrated its proven standard processes into fully automatic and semi-automatic transfer systems called TransferLine. The system is based on a flexible, individually adaptable modular system that can handle up to 15 processing stations. The mechanical, pneumatic ...Read More
Weiler Intros New Weld Cleaning Brush

Cresco, PA — Weiler Corporation has added a new 4-1/2-in. (114.3mm) Roughneck to its line of high performance stringer bead brushes. Th new brush is designed specifically for use on 4-1/2-in. mini-grinders.
Although this is the most popular size of small-angle grinders, welders and fabricators using this tool ...
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