Thursday, May 24, 2018
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ERSA reorganizes its sales network
Europe’s largest manufacturer of soldering systems, printers and optical inspection units, has reorganized its world-wide sales division.  
Due to the relocation of Bernd Schenker to Hongkong to assume the overall responsibility for the Asian business of the Kurtz Group of Companies, Rainer Kurtz, the managing director of ERSA, was managing the ERSA sales department on an interim basis. By recognizing that the ever increasing importance of the Asian market is of strategic relevance for the Kurtz Group, Bernd Schenker’s move has been viewed as a very important measure. Notwithstanding this decision, the further development of the ERSA sales network is viewed as a global challenge.  
With the appointment of Rainer Krauss to the position of Director of Sales, an industry expert has been found who, based on his professional background, possesses the necessary competency and expertise to further advance ERSA’s customer relations activities. Prior to accepting his position at ERSA, Rainer Krauss was for many years Managing Director of Sales for an equipment manufacturer specializing in the process- and manufacturing automation field. His scope of responsibility spanned over different sites and also included international sales. In addition, he has more than 20 years experience in the development, production and world-wide marketing of equipment for the PCB assembly and manufacturing industry.  
The global strategy will be rounded out by Albrecht Beck, who is taking over the responsibility for the US portion of the business with ERSA soldering systems and printers. Beck also knows the industry exceedingly well, and has represented ERSA in international markets successfully for many years.           
Kurtz and ERSA are counting on the synergies of the group of companies with high complexity and continuously more exciting technological challenges.
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