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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Siemon Network Cabling Supports IBM's Modular Data Center
Watertown, CT — Siemon interconnect products can be implemented as a part of IBM's enhanced Enterprise Modular Data Center (EMDC) program. EMDC is a large data center design concept which uses pre-engineered design strategies allowing customers to meet unpredictable business and IT demands. By building to a design that allows customers to increase density and footprint as required, clients can scale their data centers when needed without disruption to existing operations.

To bring modular plug-and-play data centers to the market, IBM and Siemon will work collaboratively with IBM and its global ecosystem of the world's leading data center physical infrastructure providers. End-to-end Siemon solutions that complement IBM's EMDC solution include high-performance Z-MAX category 6A and TERA category 7A twisted pair copper cabling systems, 10, 40 and 100-Gigabit-Ready fiber optic cabling solutions, MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management System and innovative VersaPOD data center cabinets.

The company's full network cabling infrastructure solution set, as well as its expert support network and global footprint fully aligns with IBM's vision that data centers can be constructed in a flexible way with the ability to scale on-demand and significantly reduce initial capital and operating costs.

EMDC may also be supported by the company's high-performance twisted pair copper cabling solutions, including end-to-end shielded and UTP copper cabling systems ranging from category 5e to 10Gb/s category 6A to the highest performing fully shielded category 7A TERA system.

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