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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Bivar Intros Flex Light Pipe System
LEDs and flexible fiber pipe.
Irvine, CA — Bivar has introduced ORCAdapt, a complete light pipe system. The new system provides a host of options that make moving LED light in existing and emerging applications much easier. The new solution consists of an ORCA adaptor with a built-in ORCA Super Flux LED and a flexible light pipe system available in 1 or 2mm size options.

The ORCAdapt unites the well-known brightness and durability of the ORCA Super Flux LED with the optimized light transmission and customized routing of the company's flexible light pipe systems. The system is especially suited for a wide variety of applications such as field instrumentation, heavy equipment, medical devices and transportation.

The new ORCAdapt light pipe system uses the company's ORCA series of Super Flux LEDs, which are an expansion of its high power LEDs designed for use on standard printed circuit boards. According to the company, the Super Flux LEDs offer greater luminous intensity, higher power efficiency and additional lens configurations while maintaining an industry standard 7.6mm square package form factor. In addition, the product supports the company's 1 and 2mm flexible light pipe systems. The 2mm plastic optical fiber light pipe system is its newest addition to the light pipe family and is an excellent LED indication alternative to custom rigid light pipes. The optical fiber maximizes light transmission up to 98 percent, has no light leakage, and is covered with a tough, flexible RoHS-compliant PVC alloy outer jacket that maximizes light transmission.

The new system is available in lengths from 2.5-in. to 238-ft. (63.5mm to 6.045m); works with single, bi-color and tri-color ORCA LEDs; input driven color adjustment capabilities; simple press-fit lens mounting provides rapid installation while retention is vibration- and shock-resistant.

Contact: Bivar, 4 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618 949-951-8808 fax: 949-951-3974 Web:

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