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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Creform Intros Cart & Rack for Wire Spools
Wire spool storage rack/cart.
Greer, SC — Creform has introduced a new cart/storage rack unit designed specifically to hold and maximize handling capabilities for various gauge sizes and color-coded spools of electrical wire. The carts are especially suitable for use at electronic manufacturing facilities where wire is used on the floor for production assembly and sub-assembly work.

The cart, once moved into position, serves as the production area's stocking and distribution rack for the wires to various workstations. Manufacturers typically need to store a ready supply of the numerous types, colors and gauges of wire nearby to ensure rapid refill as material is consumed or when there is a model change that requires an exchange of wire spools. By keeping the stock consolidated and close to points-of-use, the new cart helps production employees to efficiently and ergonomically spend more time building product and less time retrieving supplies and components.

In its application as both a cart and storage rack, the new product helps the electronics manufacturer to reach higher levels of 5S processing (Straighten, Standardize, Shine, Sweep, and Sustain) as well as implementing lean manufacturing methods.

The cart's open design makes all spools easily identifiable, which enhances visual inventory management, signaling when additional stock may soon be required to keep production flowing smoothly. Ergonomics are bolstered by two pipes that cradle the spools by the outer rim of the spool. This makes loading/unloading simple, fast as it is less trying than hanging spools by a center hole. It also eliminates the need to move one or more spools out of the way when attempting to retrieve a specific spool.

The original cart/rack was developed featuring five cradle levels, all with height position adjustability with overall dimensions of 48 x 65 x 26-in.(1.2 x 1.65 x 0.71m). Each level provides for three rows of spools. Because the system structures are easy to modify, the number of levels and/or rows can be changed by adding to or reducing this number, depending on individual application criteria. In addition, carts and racks are custom-configurable as to length, width and heights to easily accommodate differing aisle widths and storage space, making them maneuverable for transport and non-obstructing. The structures are typically built by clamping the pipes together using metal joints (plastic joints using adhesive also available), allowing reuse and redesign if future needs change. The cart/rack's modular design also allows the addition of only the hardware accessories an application requires, keeping investment within modest budgets. Each cart can be configured for optimum efficiency, including identifying label holders and tool holders or hooks for wire cutters and strippers.

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