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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Worldwide IC Packaging Market
Sacramento, CA — The semiconductor industry has been cyclical since its inception, but the general trend for the industry is upwards. The newly released report, "The Worldwide IC Packaging Market, 2010 Edition", offers an in-depth look at the worldwide integrated circuit (IC) packaging market.

The forecasts of individual IC device markets are provided, for units, revenue, and ASP, from 2008 through 2014. The package solutions for each of these markets are then forecast, broken down into I/O ranges. In a separate chapter, the package types are rolled up to deliver an overall worldwide forecast of IC packages, divided into 12 different package families, plus bare die solutions. The major package families are:

  • Dual in-line package (DIP).
  • Small outline transistor (SOT).
  • Small outline (SO).
  • Thin small outline package (TSOP).
  • Dual flat pack no lead (DFN).
  • Chip carrier (CC).
  • Quad flat pack (QFP).
  • Quad flat pack no lead (QFN).
  • Pin grid array (PGA).
  • Ball grid array (BGA).
  • Fine-pitched ball grid array (FBGA).
  • Wafer-level package (WLP).

In addition, unit forecasts for die mounted using direct chip attach (DCA) methods were developed. DCA methods include chip on board (COB), flip chip on board (FCOB), chip on glass (COG), flip chip on glass (FCOG), and tape automated bonding (TAB)/tape carrier package (TCP).

Packaging revenue is generated by multiplying worldwide units with pricing information supplied by the contractor IC package assemblers.

The contract IC packaging market is forecast and supplied in a separate chapter. Units and revenue are analyzed by package family. Forecasts are computed by compiling information obtained from each individual contract assembly company. Pricing information is provided by I/O count and price per I/O, and when multiplied by units, yields revenue. Profiles of individual contract IC package assemblers are also provided, as is a chapter on the state of the industry.

The purpose of the report is to aid companies associated with the IC packaging market in forecasting demand for their own products. The IC packaging market is evolving to keep pace with other changing markets. IC packaging demand is affected by changes in the die contained in the packages, and by performance expectations of the final product purchased at the consumer level. Through extensive primary and secondary research, this report presents an objective look at the world of IC packaging.

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