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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Multi-Seals: Wash-Aways Dissolvable Spacers

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals Inc. has introduced Wash-Away dissolvable spacers, designed to provide consistent spacing between printed circuit boards and PCB components. These organic polymer spacers locate PCB components during soldering operations. Read More
Narda: Mini Variable Attenuator

Hauppauge, NY — Narda, an L-3 Communications company, has introduced its Model 4797 miniature variable attenuator that provides attenuation of 0 to 45dB, has low insertion loss, and operates over an extended temperature range.
The attenuator measures only 2.64 x 3.25 x 1-in. (67 x 82.5 x 25.4mm), weighs only 12 oz. (340.2gm), and handles 10W ...
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Newport Intros Integrated Overhead Shelf

Irvine, CA — Newport Corporation has introduced the OTSE Integrated Overhead Shelf, the newest product in the SmartTable OTS optical table system family. The OTSE is an integrated overhead shelf that connects directly to the SmartTable-OTS frame so the entire system has a smaller footprint, more ...Read More
NK Intros DC Current Transducer

San Jose, CA, — NK Technologies adds a bi-directional DC transducer to its line of DC sensors. The new model of DT Current Transducers produces a positive voltage signal that is proportional to the DC current flowing in the primary direction and a negative voltage proportional to the DC current ...
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NTE Updates Cross-Referencing Software

Bloomfield, NJ — NTE Electronics, Inc. has released its new Version 15.0 of the company's popular cross-reference software program, QUICKCross. With thousands of new parts added, this new updated version now cross-references over 517,000 industry part numbers.Read More
Orion Fans: First DIN Rail Mounted Fan

Dallas, TX — Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics, has developed the first DIN-rail-mounted fan for thermal management issues in enclosures or cabinets. The SpotCool DIN-rail fan provides an energy-efficient alternative to design-in cooling solutions with a simple installation that can be ...Read More
Phaseda Intros Twin Rocker Switch

Beaverton, OR — Phaseda LLC has introduced its new twin rocker switch series, the RL2-5. The new switch has UL, cUL and VDE approvals, and is fully compliant with RoHS requirements. UL rating is 16A 125VAC and VDE rating is 16(4)A 250VAC.Read More
Phoenix Contact: WirelessHART Gateway

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact's new WirelessHART® gateway incorporates an integrated 802.11b/g WLAN transceiver. According to the company, the rail-mount gateway can increase the reliability and flexibility of an existing HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) network.Read More
New Power Toroids from Prem Magnetics

Johnsburg, IL — Prem Magnetics, Inc. has recently introduced several series of common-mode chokes for reducing unwanted common-mode noise signals on a power line. Comprising a total of 128 parts utilizing 7 different mounting packages, the SPCM series covers inductance values ranging from 65.0µHy ...Read More
Regal Intros Edge-Mounted BNCs

Sunnyvale, CA — Regal Electronics has introduced a "Space-Saver" BNC connector that mounts on the edge of a printed circuit board. In addition to a low profile advantage in applications with tight vertical constraints, the new connector also reduces the twisting stress on solder joints inherent in ...Read More
Aviel: RF Directional Coupler Interfaces

Las Vegas, NV — Aviel Electronics, a division of RF Industries, designs and manufactures RF directional couplers with uncommon interfaces such as the HN female. The HN coaxial interface is a high-voltage version of the N interface and is used in specialized applications, and other interfaces are ...Read More
Renishaw: 5-Axis Probe

Hoffman Estates, IL — Renishaw's new PH20 5-axis probe for CMMs increases touch-trigger CMM throughput up to three times, using fast, infinite, rotary positioning and unique "head touch" capability for high-speed point capture with minimal CMM movement. Read More
Schunk: Multiple Part-Clamping Vise

Morrisville, NC — Schunk's KONTEC KSM vise helps to considerably increase efficiency in production and non-production applications with its multiple part-clamping features where several workpieces of the same size or different sizes can be held at the same time.Read More
Sensor Products: System Measures Heat Sink Performance

Madison, NJ — The new Tactilus® heat-sink analysis system by Sensor Products Inc. enables engineers to quickly and precisely test and correct surface contact and pressure distribution between the heat sink and its source. Even a slight warping of the heat exchange structure or reduction in surface ...Read More
Siemon Network Cabling Supports IBM's Modular Data Center

Watertown, CT — Siemon interconnect products can be implemented as a part of IBM's enhanced Enterprise Modular Data Center (EMDC) program. EMDC is a large data center design concept which uses pre-engineered design strategies allowing customers to meet unpredictable business and IT demands. By building to a ...Read More
TDK-EPC Extends Power Factor Correction Capacitor Range

Iselin, NJ — TDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, has extended its range of power factor correction (PFC) capacitors by adding PhaseCap® Compact series to its existing portfolio of PhaseCap Premium; PhaseCap HD; PhiCap and MKV series.Read More
Remote Load Status Indicator from Trident

Farmingdale, NY — Trident's Load Status Indicator LSI-55, can be incorporated as a component in products or offered as an off-the-shelf item directly to customers.
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XP Power: 10 Amp Hold-Up Module

Sunnyvale, CA — XP Power has introduced the MTH100 hold-up module designed for maintaining short-term power to critical avionic and vetronic systems in the event of power dropouts. These encapsulated modules significantly reduce the amount of bulk hold capacitance required, often by as much as 80 ...Read More
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