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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Improved Spring Probe Enhances First Pass Yield

A typical IC's life starts with the concept/prototype phase, moves to the design validation phase, leaps into the application development phase, rides into production phase and ends with upgrade/replacement phase. Read More
Not a Foreign Concept, Gowanda Exports to China

We are all familiar with China being a major exporter of goods to the United States. But how many times do we hear of a company — no less a US manufacturer of electronic components — exporting products to China? It is almost a foreign concept. Read More
LED Light Source: A Major Advance in Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy requires an intense light source at the specific wavelength that will excite fluorescent dyes and proteins. The traditional method employs a white light, typically from a Mercury or Xenon arc lamp. Although such broad spectrum lamps can generate ample light at ...Read More
Filling the Gap in the Wire Bonder Market

Following the trend set by component and systems manufacturers of moving their operations to the Far East, the companies that build the equipment for these industries have also headed east. A case in point: Kulicke & Soffa's recent decision to relocate its headquarters to Singapore ...Read More
A New Look at Vapor Phase

Vapor phase reflow systems have had a curious history. They were the first reflow systems, back in the 1960s, before surface-mount technology and infrared reflow were introduced. When infrared and convection infrared reflow ovens came along, vapor phase systems faded away, but not quite ...Read More
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