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EE Technologies Drives Customer Success
SMT production line in Reno plant.

In today's technology-driven society, it's hard to avoid electronics, and if you happen to be in an automobile, a hospital, an airplane, a casino, a restaurant, a school, or (for some) a military tank, you'll probably be using a product with an electronic circuit board or assembly built by EE Technologies, Inc. (EET). Many companies building cars, saving lives, lighting airplanes, making slot machines, serving beverages, teaching students, and protecting our nation have chosen EET as a partner.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, EET is a premier manufacturer of electronic and mechanical assemblies and integrated systems. From its facilities in Nevada and in Mexico, it delivers a complete manufacturing solution including DFM engineering and prototyping, RoHS qualifications and low cost manufacturing execution. The company has a strong engineering and procurement base to support every customer need. It provides high quality, cost-effective electronic and box build solutions for many markets, including the automotive, aviation, medical, education, military, scientific and gaming industries. Founded in March 2000, the company is a highly stable, privately held institution, with many certifications and production Standards including ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949: 2009, FDA and UL Registration, and Gaming License (Washington).

Creating Solutions
EET's engineering services are about creating uncommon solutions for products found in common places like schools, cars and airplanes. The Customer Engineering team is the technical liaison between customers and the rest of the organization. One of their major responsibilities is to ensure that new products are reviewed for manufacturability and for potential cost savings. The dedicated NPI engineering group owns the assembly until routing, test yield, and process controls are optimal and exceed expectations. Then and only then, the assembly is released to production.

Configuration management is another critical aspect of process control that ensures the integrity of the customer's information is maintained and all changes are documented and executed timely and accurately. Having a robust ECO process means data is kept secure, confidential, and controlled. Strong in-house test capabilities are provided with in-circuit test and flying probe equipment. In addition, the Test Engineering team develops functional tests and supports customer provided tests. The company also performs bare board layout and design (creation of Gerber data) to assist customers. Each of these engineering teams relentlessly values creativity while following policies and procedures to ensure that customers get the best solution possible.

Low-Cost Manufacturing
All over the world, people and companies are watching costs. People need transportation, education, travel, food and want the best value. In 2005, EET opened a low cost manufacturing facility (EET Mexico) in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico. The focus of this facility is on mid- and high-volume production for companies that want the benefits of working with an experienced mid-tier electronics manufacturing service provider. Since 2005, the company has been growing and improving and in September, EET Mexico will be expanding manufacturing space to 39,000 square feet and installing additional capacity with a fourth SMT line.

There are many factors that contribute to the low cost manufacturing benefits of EET Mexico. One of the key components is the EET Mexico team, comprised of an extremely dedicated crew with well developed skill sets. Our experience in Mexico has challenged a number of perceived stereotypes. Our Mexican workers have universally shown a willingness to learn and grow. EET Mexico has a strong training program focused on skill set development. Many members of the team are celebrating their 5-year anniversary with the company, which shoots down another perception about Mexican workers.

Location, Location, Location
Location is another important factor. The plant is in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico — farther from the border than other EMS plants, but nonetheless situated on a principal highway. In this location, the plant experiences lower turnover, less crime, and has a more relaxed atmosphere about it. There is a strong sense of community as many of the employees have lived in the area their entire lives. EET Mexico is central to Hermosillo, Obregon, and Los Mochis — home to many major manufacturing companies that include Ford, Dover, and Walbro — making it easy to quickly deliver product to such nearby companies.
Conformal coating line in Mexican plant.

The infrastructure is solid; the power is consistent and reliable. Empalme's climate is stable with a typical day having blue skies and sunshine. In addition, there are excellent programs for engineering students in Mexico, so a good number of degreed engineers are available. These manufacturing and industrial engineers are experts in lean manufacturing and other key techniques needed to provide low-cost solutions.

EET Mexico is supported by our northern facility in Nevada. This qualifies EET Mexico to build more products at lower prices. Everyone is concerned about price and getting the best delivery with the same quality. Rogan Owens, EET Mexico Plant Manager says, "With EET Mexico you get the same level of quality that you would see in Reno — with the support, programs transferred, and the same level of ISO compliance. You can be confident that you get the same high level of quality but at a better price."

World Class Partnerships
Achieving success requires collaborative efforts. EET strives to create and develop the right partnerships where communication is strong and proactive. Customers bring opportunities and EET brings solutions and expertise to execute on well-planned ideas. In 2007, a major publicly traded automotive supplier selected EET to manufacture more than 25 assemblies to support its many product lines including safety equipment and lighting. Proven quality, experienced teams, and logistics were the primary factors in their selecting EET. Based on the company's proven results, eight other divisions of this automotive company have now partnered with EET. Another partner provides educational equipment found in schools and universities all over the world. When they land a big order they need responsive and immediate attention on a large scale. EET has successfully met these needs on countless occasions over the past 8 years.

The Reno facility (63,000 square feet) offers flexible new product introduction, as well as low- and mid-volume production services. Companies needing prototypes and smaller product runs turn to the Reno plant for consistent and flexible service. Both the Reno and Mexico facilities have strong engineering support, advanced equipment, training, metric based goals, objectives, and world class processes.

Tough economic times make it imperative to partner with companies who have character and who are committed to excellence. Having integrity, honesty, and trust increases communication and decreases waste which translates directly to an improved bottom line for both partners. As worldwide transportation costs increase and manufacturing margins are squeezed, it takes a team of proactive and creative people close to home to become more efficient and cost effective in their efforts. What worked yesterday may not work today, and this is where EET excels.

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