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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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David Marks Named New CEO of Qioptiq
Luxembourg City — David Marks has become Chief Executive Officer of Qioptiq, replacing Fredrik Arp, who joined Qioptiq as Chairman and CEO at the beginning of January 2010, and will now serve as Executive Chairman of Qioptiq.

Mr. Marks has been active in the optics industry for many years. He has been the head of the company's Defense and Aerospace Division since its creation in 2005, and before that had been Managing Director of the St. Asaph facility since 2003. Previously, he had served as Managing Director of the Singapore facility for three years.

Under the leadership of Mr. Marks, the Defense and Aerospace Division experienced compound annual growth rates of more than 10 percent in both sales and profitability between 2005 and 2010. Mr. Marks is a highly qualified business leader who will devote his considerable energies and talents to ensuring Qioptiq's continued success and growth over the coming years.

To ensure a smooth transition in the leadership of Qioptiq as well as in the leadership of the Defense and Aerospace Division there will be a transition period from 1 September until the end of December 2010. Following this transition period and from 1 January 2011 onwards, Mr. Marks will be responsible for running Qioptiq while Mr. Arp will continue as Executive Chairman.

At the Defense and Aerospace Division, Mr. Marks is being succeeded by Mr. Steve Shaw. Mr. Shaw is presently the Director of Operations at St. Asaph and has been since 2003. Mr. Shaw joined Qioptiq in 2001 as Manufacturing Director.

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