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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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LED Back Lights for Machine Vision from LDD
Backlighting for machine vision.
Milford, NH — The new IDHM Series Direct LED Back Lights from use high output chip LEDs mounted in a dense array directly below a diffuser, resulting in highly uniform and intense light from a very thin package.

With case heights ranging from 11 to 16.5mm, IDHM backlights require a minimal amount of valuable space in a vision system installation. In addition, for applications requiring still thinner packages, the company's IFL Series Indirect Back Lights are available. Though called "Back Lights", IDHMs are equally effective in front lighting applications requiring diffuse illumination to minimize reflections. IDHM models are used successfully in imaging applications to provide diffuse, uniform light suitable for silhouetting parts, viewing openings or detecting material presence/absence, thickness or density by projecting light from behind the object. Typical applications include inspection of injection molded parts for short shots, flash and voids; electrical connector pin presence/absence and pitch measurement; checking fill levels in containers at bottling plants; through-hole verification and dimensional measurements in both machining and molding operations.

The IDHMs are offered in 46 size and wavelength configurations. They are available with illuminated area dimensions ranging from 32 to 122mm. IDHM standard models are offered with red, white, blue or green LEDs. Additional wavelengths (IR and RGB) and sizes may be custom ordered.

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