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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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Seica: Laser-Powered Selective Soldering
Laser selective soldering and system monitoring using VIVA.
Strambino, Italy — Seica Inc.'s Firefly Selective Soldering System has been created and designed to optimize flexibility and automation in the soldering process. Specific requirements can be met with the solutions offered, such as external pre-heating unit, full control by the system software, and internal hot air nozzles on both sides of the boards. Top or bottom side soldering

configurations are available to satisfy the different manufacturing needs of customers.

Supplying energy through a laser source allows point-to-point adjustment of the power needed for soldering. The ability to apply all of the energy in a single point makes this technology applicable in situations where it is not possible to heat the whole board or where problems are generated by reduced accessibility. The solder can quickly and easily be changed from lead to lead-free solder, as it is a simple matter of changing the spool. The soldering process is clean; it eliminates the costs and logistics of cleaning the boards and handling residual waste.

The VIVA Integrated Platform automatically acquires the points to be soldered through more than 40 CAD data import tools and/or through the integrated vision system, which enables the visual acquisition of the points to be soldered if CAD data is not available.

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