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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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New QPL MIL RF Inductors from Gowanda

Gowanda, NY — Gowanda Electronics has introduced two new series of inductors that meet the military's Qualified Products List requirements for "Established Reliability". The company's ER10M and ER17S thru-hole RF inductor series are approved to MIL-PRF-39010, Level M. Such ER approval requires extensive ...Read More
Vision Components Smart Cameras Power Soccer Robots

Ettlingen, Germany — Along with various sponsors, Vision Components will present a special eye-catcher at this year's VISION exhibition: at the company's booth, soccer-playing robots equipped with intelligent VC cameras will compete against each other in two-on-two matches and penalty shootouts. ...Read More
Power DIN Connectors from 2E SysCom

Framingham, MA — H11 DIN connectors from 2E Syscom are available in standard 11 pin and half size 5 pin configurations with spade terminal, screw terminations or solder pins for I/O. The pins in this configuration are designed to carry 20 Amps each. Read More
Compact Linear-Motor Gantry from Aerotech

Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech's AGS1500 series Cartesian gantry systems are designed for ultra-precision, high-dynamic contouring, and provide high-level performance in precision micromachining, stencil cutting, fuel cell manufacturing, solder-ball placement, printed electronics, high-speed pick-and ...Read More
Binder-USA: M16 Connectors Re-Engineered

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has improved the design of the Series 423 M16 short version connector. The re-engineered connector has a new metal cable collet which replaces the previous plastic version. This change makes for a more robust connector for harsh environments, while simplifying the installation ...Read More
BTC Value-Adds to Spectrum Connectors

Wake Forest, NC — BTC Electronic Components, Inc. is now sourcing and customizing MIL connectors as an authorized distributor for Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products, a Spectrum Control Business. BTC will act as a strategic partner for custom filtered and specialty connectors used in MIL and Hi ...Read More
CIT: Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

Minneapolis, MN — The versatile JC Series is a high quality switch offering a variety illuminated package styles to fit nearly any design requirement. With bi-colored LED combinations in blue, green, red, yellow and white, the switches offer an internal snap- action mechanism providing long lasting ...Read More
Fairchild Load Switches Simplify Complex Power Designs

San Jose, CA — Fairchild Semiconductor's FPF1038/FPF1039 advanced load management switches provide a monolithic, one-chip solution to the designers' challenge of reducing in-rush current, or high di/dt, when a switch is used to disconnect loads with high (>100µF) output capacitances.Read More
Fluke Intros Benchtop Super-Thermometers

Everett, WA — Fluke Corporation has introduced the 1594A/1595A Super-Thermometers from Hart Scientific, designed to combine accuracy, value and innovative features for calibration of SPRTs, PRTs and thermistors.Read More
Fujipoly: New Catalog Released

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly has released its new "Thermal Interface Material and Elastomeric Connector" product catalog. The free 52-page product overview and technical design guide includes helpful installation suggestions as well as detailed thermal performance and electrical conductivity data points ...Read More
Global Intros Dual SIM Connector

Medway, MA — Global Connector Technology is launching a new combination dual SIM connector, the dual SIM6050. The new connector allows plugging of two SIM cards into one connector, saving PCB space and cutting the cost of PCB placement.Read More
Gore Intros Family of Cartridge Filters

Elkton, MD, — W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) is offering a new family of highly efficient cartridge filters that improve water quality and reduce total cost of filtration for ultrapure water (UPW) and de-ionized (DI) water used in the manufacture of semiconductors and silicon wafers. Read More
Haydon Kerk Intros External Linear Actuator

Waterbury, CT — Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is introducing the Haydon RoHS-compliant IDEA External Linear Programmable Actuator. This completes an entire line of fully programmable size 17 stepper motor linear actuators from the company. In addition to full programmability through an easy-to ...Read More
JaroTherm: Micro Cooling Fan

Boca Raton FL — Jaro's newest ultra-thin, micro-sized fan, Model JR1504E-5 measures just 15 x 15 x 4mm (0.591 x 0.591 x 0.157- in.), the entire package comes with an impressive IP 57 water resistant rating, which protects against harsh environments where dust, water, or humidity could be a problem ...Read More
High CRI LEDs from JKL

Pacoima, CA — JKL Components Corp. has introduced the ZSM- 6550-C LED series, a complete range of high output, high CRI series of White LEDs used in any application requiring a CRI (Color Rendering Index) above 90.Read More
Kepco Intros DC Electronic Loads

Flushing, NY — Kepco is introducing its new EL Series of modular, air-cooled, DC electronic loads with power ratings from 1 to 5kW. Twenty (20) standard single channel models have maximum test capabilities of 50, 200, 400 and 600V. Also available are dual- channel models with two completely independent ...Read More
Kinetic Intros Internal-Pendulum Leg Stands

Boston, MA — Two new vibration-isolating leg stands have been introduced by Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI). The 500AP Series leg stands have been designed to support the company's breadboards and optical tables. They are available individually as modular mounts, or as leg stands with braces and casters ...Read More
LED Back Lights for Machine Vision from LDD

Milford, NH — The new IDHM Series Direct LED Back Lights from use high output chip LEDs mounted in a dense array directly below a diffuser, resulting in highly uniform and intense light from a very thin package.
With case heights ranging from 11 to 16.5mm, IDHM backlights require a minimal amount of valuable space in a vision system installation. In addition, for applications requiring ...
Read More
Bi-Stable LCD from Lumex

Palatine, IL — Lumex has introduced its InfoVue Bi-Stable family of displays, a low-power LCD solution well-suited for a wide range of applications where display information is not changed more than a few times a day. For some applications, the Lumex InfoVue Bi- Stable LCD requires up to 99 percent ...Read More
Meritek Intros SMD Current Sense Resistors

Santa Fe Springs, CA — New SMD current sense resistor families are now available from Meritek Electronics Corp. The MLR- series of Metal Alloy based products are available in case sizes ranging from 1206 to 2728, at power levels from 1 to 4W, and values from 0.25 to 100mΩ. The CSR series of thick ...Read More
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