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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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Advances in Fluid Dispensing Save Time, Production Costs

Automated fluid dispensing has been an integral part of the electronics assembly line for high-volume manufacturing for many years. Even jetting, which was introduced by Nordson ASYMTEK in 1994, is now an established technology. As electronic components become smaller and more complex, ...
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Vapor Phase Making Strong Comeback

Vapor phase, also known as condensation soldering achieves a very gentle, reliable, and repeatable process. Vapor phase reflow was used back in the 80s — during the early days of surface mount technology — due to its excellent heat transfer capability. Heat transfer in vapor phase ...
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Inline Wire & Cable ID

Many OEMs require that individual wires and cables used in their products be clearly identified with a mark or label. For some, such as in the military and aerospace markets, wire and cable identification (or "wire ID") is mandatory and the process is governed by stringent specifications ...
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Plasma Treatment: Dropping the Failure Rate

Whether in daily manufacturing or the development of new processes and products: surfaces and their properties play an increasingly important role in nearly all industrial areas. The surface of materials often have to be pretreated to prepare them for processes that will follow.
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Selective Soldering: Pushing the Envelope

The entire concept of selective soldering is being squeezed as the demands for high quality soldering increase while board space continues to shrink. Today's challenge is to reduce the nozzle sizes available.
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Why IPA-Water Extraction Fails!

The performance requirements for mission critical electronic assemblies are constantly increasing as component failures, particularly in the aerospace, automotive, medical and military industries, are simply not an option. Since failures are often due to insufficient cleanliness, cleaning ...
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