Monday, May 21, 2018
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InterTech: High Speed Testing Software Design Services
Calibration test screen.
Skokie, IL — InterTech Development Company now provides high speed testing software design services for manufacturers of electronic components for automotive, medical device, appliance and other electronic products. According to the company, its software can provide significant bottom line impact by successfully speeding throughout in test-intensive assembly and test operations.

Unlike machine control software packages that are "customized" by adding modules for added functionality, InterTech data acquisition software is tightly integrated to machine controls, such that a valve typically taking 50 milliseconds to open with traditional software controls, opens in one millisecond or less.

According to the company, slower and costlier assemblies, both built by in-house manufacturing engineers or with the assistance of outside machine builders (who are not experts in testing), will reportedly encumber millions of extra dollars in hardware costs for added test stands that are unnecessary.

The secret is in knowing how to write code for high-speed data acquisition and then tightly integrating it with machine controls. There are numerous cases where companies using generic machine control software and then stringing together various modules for so-called customization actually required extra hardware expenditures of more than $1-million (US). This has happened in the automotive industry, in the medical device industry, among medical packagers, and during fabrication of a wide range of other test-intensive industrial products such as heat exchangers that need to be extensively leak tested before being released to market. Because InterTech's Applications Engineers have a sole focus on testing, the company can provide engineering analyses of testing application requirements and expected savings using the company's patented test technology and customized software.

The company's turnkey test solutions for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485:2003-compliant manufacturers use a wide range of test methods such as for pressure decay leak testing, differential pressure decay leak testing, mass flow leak testing, helium tracer gas leak testing, package integrity analyses (burst testing, creep testing, and seal strength testing), obstruction testing and detection of blockages in both rigid and flexible product components, testing of flow integrity, hydraulic testing, correlation studies, audit testing, and lifecycle testing.

Contact: InterTech Development Company, 7401 N. Linder Avenue, Skokie, IL 60077 847-679-3377 fax: 847-679-3391 E-mail: Web:

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