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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Seica: Integrated Functional Test System
Valid test system.
Salem, NH — Seica Inc. is showing its latest advanced and emerging technologies in PCB test and assembly solutions, including its Valid Integrated Functional Test System.

The Valid system, intended especially for Mil/Aero applications, provides hundreds of LRU/SRU TPS' for major defense programs deployed on multiple test systems; multiple language capabilities, such as ATLAS, C++, LASAR, LabView, and tester specific; digital channel card to meet the requirements of military aircraft programs; legacy support for GR179X, GR275X, GR2235, S7XX, CA, L2XX, L3XX. The Valid system was chosen for 3rd level testing in aircraft fighter program, and includes LASAR post processing.

The system is also available in a ruggedized mobile version (PTE-100) for avionic field maintenance.

The Valid VIP (VIVA Integrated Platform) Series is the ultimate integrated functional test solution, capable of providing high-performance analog, digital and mixed-signal testing.

The Valid VIP Series can address a wide range of applications, from analog, power analog, high-speed digital, mixed-signal electronic modules for final manufacturing verification or depot maintenance operations.

At the heart of the system is the VIP test backplane. Controlled by the system PC through the high-speed fiber optic bus, the VIP test backplane hosts channel cards, routing cards and instrumentation. The backplane includes an 8-line analog bus which can be accessed by all measurement cards in a flexible, reconfigurable fashion to suit diverse application requirements.

Multiple test strategies can also be hosted on the system, by adding resources for structural vectorless, analog, cluster or full digital in-circuit tests.

Contact: Seica Inc., 50A Northwestern Drive, Suite 10, Salem, NH 03079 603-890-6002 fax: 603-890-6003 Web:

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