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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Assembleon Intros Feeder for 01005s on 4mm Tape
New feeder and 4mm tape.
Veldhoven, Netherlands — A 4mm (0.157-in.) feeder for Assemblon's A-Series pick-and-place machines, called the W4P1, is designed to improve the reliability of 01005 component placement. The company's ITF3 feeder accepts the new W4P1 all-plastic tape standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission under IEC 60286-3-2: Type VI. The tape eliminates the paper dust that can cause bad solder connections to the microminiature components. It is also static-free, and gives a more stable autoplacing operation for a better pick rate. Its smaller size also helps to cut waste by 75 percent compared with traditional 8-mm tapes on a 2-mm pitch.

According to the company, the feeders are particularly aimed at module manufacturers and EMS providers. These manufacturers are now seeing large increases in demand for 01005 chip components. Many equipment assemblers have previously avoided using the components because of the difficulty of placing them reliably. The A-Series, however, provides less than 10 defects-per-million (DPM) for all components.

The machines use parallel placement which sets the industry benchmark for reliability, and is a much more controlled process than provided by the turret or revolver heads that dominate the rest of the industry. Another major improvement of introducing the W4P1 feeder is the ability to dramatically reduce waste. The current yearly worldwide use of ceramic capacitors and resistors consumes over 8,000,000km (4,970,970 miles) of 8mm (0.315-in.) paper tape, which corresponds to 10 round trips to the moon. That waste can now be cut by 75 percent by using the new feeders.

With 01005 chip components measuring only 0.4 x 0.2mm (0.01574 x 0.00787-in.), they are barely visible to the naked eye. Because the pocket dimensions cannot be guaranteed with W8P2 paper tapes, components can lie in different positions in the tape which increases the risk of mispicks and misplacements. Paper fibers come loose when the tape cover is pulled off by the feeders, and also in the pick process when nozzles press components (especially small ones) into the paper when picking.

Plastic tapes can eliminate fiber risk, but an 8-mm plastic tape is also not suitable: it can act as a springboard when nozzles press onto it to pick the 01005 component, tending to throw the component out of the tape and thereby increasing mispicks. The new W4P1 tape is much more stable (also because it is on a 1mm pitch instead of the conventional 2mm, and is just 4mm wide). The tape is also static-free to reduce the risk of components being thrown out when the cover tape is pulled off before they are picked.

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