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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Rexroth Adds 2 Linear Modules
MKK and MKR 12-40 miniature linear module options.
Charlotte, NC — Rexroth has expanded its extensive range of linear modules with the new MKK hygienic modules and the MKK and MKR 12-40 miniature linear modules. MKR hygienic modules are especially suitable for food processing machinery and other food or packaging applications. The MKK and MKR 12-40 miniature modules have the smallest and most compact aluminum profile in the series, allowing them to solve new applications where size is a factor and performance cannot be sacrificed.

The MKR hygienic option has a specially-designed aluminum profile that is smoother than standard MKR bodies to prevent buildup of liquids and foreign debris. Combined with the MKR's stainless steel strip cover for the drive and guide elements, the new design allows it to eliminate residual liquid in applications such as food processing machines or other washdown environments.

These new hygienic modules are precise, high-performance linear systems with compact dimensions in a ready-to-mount design. With lengths up to 12m (39.37-ft.) and speeds to 5m/s (16.4-ft./sec), the belt-driven MKR hygienic modules use precision Rexroth Ball Rail® systems for internal guidance to achieve precise positioning. For additional protection against contamination, thin dense chrome plating can be applied to many internal components. Standard peripherals include add-on parts for the company's servo motors, suitable regulators, and controls.

The new MKK and MKR 12-40 miniature linear module option offers big performance in a small footprint to meet demanding speed and load requirements. The modules have a rigid aluminum frame, and can be specified in either a belt-driven version for precise positioning and zero backlash, or a ballscrew-driven version to achieve travel speeds of up to 3m/s (10-ft./sec).

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