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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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After the Dog Days Comes Business
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
They sometimes call these the dog days of summer, meaning the hot and sticky weather during July and August. It's a good time to stay at work where it's air conditioned — unless of course, the power grid goes down. But wait, what about fuel cell power plants, and windmills, and solar panels? Aren't those all supposed to keep the TVs and air conditioners running?

Yes and no. Yes, that's the idea for these alternative energy sources; no, we can't really depend on them — at least not for a few more years. For now, the watchword is conservation, both at home and on the plant floor. Following that theme, this issue has lots of money-conserving ideas, with emphasis on product test.

The year has gradually been getting better; trade shows are beginning to look healthier with happy exhibitors. The economy's not exploding as yet, but we expect that this gradual improvement in business is something we can plan on.

And speaking of plans, we have just released our Editorial Calendar for 2011. It's on our web site under "Media Kit" and is also on page 80 of this issue. That also means that the entire Media Kit is getting a facelift, and it's filled with more bargains than ever. Hits on our website are up, once again topping over a half million per month, and this all spells more bang for the buck when you place your message on our pages and our website.

We're looking forward to the upcoming trade shows, especially the recombination of IPC Midwest with Electronics and Assembly Midwest in Rosemont. Now the big question is, does this upturn call for a return of the Oompah band playing in the lobby? Then there's Autotestcon in Orlando, and Design2Part in Secaucus. September looks like it will be a very busy month for all of us. Maybe time to put up some more windmills and solar panels.  

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