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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Alpha Wire: MIL-Grade Wire & Cable
MIL-grade cable.
Elizabeth, NJ — Alpha Wire's custom cable for market-specific applications includes military-grade cable and wire, made of premium compounds under the tightest manufacturing standards. The cable is manufactured to provide maximum reliability in the most unforgiving surroundings — supporting applications such as tactical communications equipment, advanced radar units, automated weapons control systems, and ground combat vehicles.

In addition to custom cable for special applications, the company also offers established products for military equipment that includes: Xtra-Guard® 1 Performance Cable with a specially formulated PVC jacket that prevents heat build-up for communication and control cable; Xtra-Guard 2 Performance Cable with special polyurethane jacket for superior oil and abrasion resistance in mechanical applications; Xtra-Guard 4 Performance Cable multi-functional product with a TPE jacket for advanced chemical performance and a wide temperature range, for rugged, high-speed applications; Xtra-Guard 5 Performance Cable with FEP insulation and jacket for outstanding temperature durability and resistance to all oils, solvents, and fuels — designed to withstand the most hazardous of environments; Manhattan High-Temperature Cable meets demanding temperature requirements for control and power applications ranging from -55 to +200°C, with silver-plated braid shield for EMI protection; hook-up wire for any military equipment need, with a choice of solid or stranded conductors, a wide array of insulation options, and a host of MIL-spec configurations; FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing to add durability and reliability to any application or environment without sacrificing flexibility; FIT Wire Management covers a broad spectrum of application solutions from wire protection to organization.

Contact: Alpha Wire Co., 711 Lidgerwood Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07207-0711 800-522-5742 or 908-925-8000 fax: 908-925-6923 E-mail: Web:

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