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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Advanced Intros 2-to-6GHz SMT Limiter
Hi signal limiter.
Eatontown, NJ — Advanced Control Components has introduced the Model ACLM-4805FM15 microwave limiter that combines high RF power handling ability of 10W CW with a broad frequency range of 2 to 6GHz and a compact surface-mount package.

The limiter is designed to keep the RF input signals experienced by low-noise amplifiers and front end components of receivers to safe levels by attenuating signals above a specific threshold. They are essential components in the receive chain of many communications and electronics warfare systems in which high signal levels can degrade performance or destroy sensitive components.

While there are many limiters available in the marketplace, the this new device is highly unusual in its ability to handle such high power over a broad frequency range within the confines of a package with a very small footprint.

The limiter is rated to handle CW signal levels of 10W and peak levels of 1kW (1µs pulse width, 0.1 percent duty cycle) over a temperature range of -55 to +85°C, or 20W CW and 1kW peak at 25°C. It has flat leakage of +12.5dBm with a 1W input, VSWR of 1.4:1 or less, insertion loss of less than 1dB, and third-order intermodulation products of 23dBm typical or better.

The limiter is housed in a ceramic surface-mount package that can be hermetically sealed if specified by the customer. It can also be screened to meet the hi-rel requirements of MIL-PRF-38534G (MIL-STD-883), including internal visual, temperature cycling, stabilization bake, constant acceleration, burn-in, and leak testing.

The ACLM-4805FM15 is the first in a family of surface-mount limiters that the company will offer this year in bands from 20MHz to 18GHz. A model that covers 20MHz to 2GHz is currently available as well.

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