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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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DEK Platform for Wafer Level Process
Galaxy platform setup for wafer handling.
Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK's Galaxy print platform with Wafer Transport Solution, is configured with a precision wafer pallet and high-performance transport rails, ensuring the accuracy and stability required for the company's Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) applications.

Designed to accommodate today's thin wafers down to 75µm in thickness is achieved through an advanced wafer pallet designed to deliver proper support and stability for delicate wafer dimensions. The precision wafer pallet is flat to less than 10µm within the critical process area and can manage wafers as large as 300mm, holding them securely while allowing successful processing for a host of sophisticated packaging techniques.

In addition, the newly engineered rail system provides the precise, stable movement control required for transfer of the loaded wafer pallet in and out of the platform, ensuring exceptional control of speed, acceleration and positioning. The Wafer Transport Solution is available on the Galaxy as well as several of the company's leading platforms including the Horizon 02iX, the Horizon 01iX and the Europa.

The Galaxy, combined with Wafer Transport Solution and CHAD's WaferMate 300-1 deliver a complete in-line system capable of throughput of up to 60 wafers per hour. The unit reportedly provides alignment accuracy of 2Cpk at ±12.5µm, wafer backside coating capability of 2Cp at ±12.5µm with a total thickness variation (TTV) of 8µm and wafer level ball placement yields in excess of 99.99 percent for 200µm diameter spheres and above.

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