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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Plasmatreat launches US Office and Technical Center
Plasmatreat colleagues from Germany and North America, suppliers and guest speakers gathered to mark the opening with a a German celebration party that included a German Oompah Band and German refreshments.
Elgin, IL — All those happy people in the photo are celebrating the opening of a new office and technical center in the United States by Plasmatreat, a major European company that supplies atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment technology.

The new 5000 square-foot facility in the heart of Chicago's high-technology corridor in Elgin, IL with easy access to O'Hare Airport marked the occasion with a full day open house and conference in June.

The new facility is operated by Vice-President of Sales, Nicholas P. Rollick and Business Development Managers Jeff Leighty and Luke Diana.

The large R&D laboratory is specially outfitted for process applications. Equipped with various Openair® plasma installations, industrial robot systems and facilities for carrying out tests in adhesive bonding, printing and coating processes, it serves, however, not only for demonstrating the plasma systems but also above all for carrying out trials and test series. Here, in collaboration with customers and application associates, the conversion of laboratory-scale pilot testing to industrial processes is evaluated.

For the event, titled "Activation, Cleaning and Plasma Polymerization Using Openair® Plasma Conference", Christian Buske, CEO of the Plasmatreat Group and his US team welcomed over 80 American and international guests. A special highlight was a trip to the nearby Sonderhoff USA Corp. production facility where Managing Director Holger Hulsken welcomed the conference participants for an actual demonstration of an Openair plasma treatment integrated in a CNC automated foamed sealing application machine.

Due to its great range of potential uses, Plasmatreat's Openair® plasma technology is numbered among the key technologies in surface treatment. Enduringly innovative solutions are created with it today in practically all industrial areas. The use of this plasma technology results in very high levels of bonding, finishing and printing quality in varied products and product functionalities. Industries are served worldwide with technical centers in Germany, Canada, Japan, China and now in the USA as well as sales, service and subsidiary offices in more than 20 countries.

Contact: Plasmatreat US LP, 2541 Technology Drive, Suite 407, Elgin, IL 60124 847-783-0622 fax: 847-783-0991 Web:

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