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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Washing My Windows

A recurring theme with my aging office computer — an H-P tower that dates back to 2004 — is a need for cleaning up the hard drive. Back in 2008, when the power supply failed (it failed one month before the end of the store-bought warranty — talk about timing!), the nice factory guy came and replaced the power supply, and when I asked for his recommendations about my updating the components, he referred me to, a source that was right on target for  ...
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After the Dog Days Comes Business

They sometimes call these the dog days of summer, meaning the hot and sticky weather during July and August. It's a good time to stay at work where it's air conditioned — unless of course, the power grid goes down. But wait, what about fuel cell power plants, and windmills, and solar panels? Aren't those all supposed to keep the TVs and air conditioners running?

Yes and no. Yes, that's the idea for these alternative energy sources; no, we can't really depend on them — at least not for a few more years. For now, the ...
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