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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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Beckhoff Unveils Stainless Control Panels
Stainless steel control panels.
Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has released new stainless steel variants of the CP77xx and CP79xx Panel series. With these new stainless steel Control Panels and Panel PCs, the company introduces control and display units that meet the strict hygiene regulations for the food, packaging and medical industries as well as for cleanrooms.

The stainless steel panels with IP 65 protection provide virtually gapless housing design with flush-mounted touch screens. The Panel PC variant is equipped with an energy-efficient Intel® Atom processor and represents a high-performance Industrial PC with slimline stainless steel housing design.

The new housing design has minimum gap dimensions at the front and rear and is consistently flush without edges or crevices, meeting the hygiene and cleanroom regulations in the food and packaging industries. Moisture deposits and the risk of associated contamination are avoided. The stainless steel control panels and panel PCs are currently available in 12- or 15-in. screen sizes. The CP77xx series stainless steel Panel PCs incorporate an Intel Atom processor with low heat dissipation, forming a compact and high-performance IPC platform. The centerpiece of the device is a Beckhoff motherboard with 1-sec UPS and two Ethernet ports. The CP79xx stainless steel control panels have a DVI/USB port for connecting to a PC. DVI/USB Extended permits the installation of the stainless steel panel up to 164-ft (50m) away from the PC. Operator convenience can be further enhanced by using the optional stainless steel mounting arm adapters, which permit the user to integrate the panel directly onto the machine.

Customer-specific modifications such as integration of emergency off and electromechanical control buttons and short-stroke keys under the front laminate and USB ports are optionally available. The design of the front laminate can also be customized. The result is a multi-functional operating unit that integrates seamlessly with machine designs. Pushbuttons with protective caps can be implemented as control interfaces for machinery used in the food industry.
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