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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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Palomar Launches 3rd Gen Laser Calibrator
Laser calibrator on tripod.
Carlsbad, CA — Palomar Technologies has introduced its 3rd generation Laser Interferometer Model 2100C. The new instrument is a tool used for measuring ultrasonic transducer excursion (or peak amplitude) by measuring micro inches of motion. This tool was first conceived to calibrate the company's wire bonding systems. With its general-purpose measuring quality and exceptional calibration and measuring precision, it has found users in other industries, needing a low-cost alternative for a much more expensive laser vibrometer.

Calibration is required for wire bonding systems as their Piezo drivers change over time. Any kind of change to a wire bonder including the small ones like switching out capillaries and changing wire spools may necessitate re-calibration. The 2100C makes this calibration an efficient and user-friendly action. Without calibration, the wire bonder can suffer process inconsistencies. New features include programmability for any frequency, put in place for use in machines other than Palomar wire bonders; the previous generation had a fixed frequency. The instrument uses a digital microcontroller and can output data with its convenient USB connection. The new model is much smaller and more compact, and has a tripod; everything fits into one briefcase-like hard case. And the 2100C is CE and UL certified.

The company also now offers precision assembly services through its homegrown Palomar Microelectronics Laboratory. The Microelectronics customer is provided expert process and prototyping services, full-scale production, and supply chain management, all in one location. Device packaging applications include MEMS, HB LEDs, solar concentrators, MOEMS, RF amplifiers, optical devices, and complex hybrids.

Contact: Palomar Technologies, Inc., 2728 Loker Ave. West, Carlsbad, CA 92010 760-931-3600 Web:
Semicon West Booth #6064.

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