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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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A-Tek Intros Benchtop Router
Benchtop depaneling system.
Berthoud, CO — A-Tek LLC has introduced the TTR-6100 benchtop router. The new machine provides manufacturers with a low-cost depaneling solution in a compact benchtop enclosure. This robust and flexible router is the most viable depaneling solution when compared to other low-cost singulation methods.

Because lead-free joints are less capable of withstanding stress than leaded joints, in-field failures often result from overstressed depaneling. When considering the overall value-added equation of assembly, and the cumulative impact of each additive process when the parts are at 100 percent of their value, little attention is given to depaneling, which is one of the most critical steps in the entire assembly process. Various manual tools such as V-Score, nibblers, and operators who simply break the boards apart by hand are available to assist the depaneling process. But, none of these alternatives have any level of positive control over the process other than the individual who is operating the tool.

The A-Tek TTR6100 is a benchtop router that is both robust and flexible, and brings many of the qualified benefits of automated depaneling to the manufacturing process. It is designed as a cost-effective solution for circuit board depaneling, suitable for budget-conscious manufacturers who see the benefits of routing but find it difficult to justify a more automated machine for low-volume, high-mix environments.

Operator and fixture dependent, the high speed precision spindle is capable of cutting speeds up to 0.50-in./sec (12.7mm/sec) and can handle a component clearance of 20mm (0.787-in.). The operator manually controls the spindle in X and Y by moving the stylus along the template path. Z-axis is activated by a foot pedal, which turns the spindle pneumatics on. The individual PCBs are routed by moving the stylus along the template slot edge. As an added safety feature, the spindle will automatically time out if left idle for 10 seconds.

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