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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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Ticona Vectra Solves Complex Melt Flow Paths
Thin-walled connectors get improved material.
Florence, KY and Kelsterbach, Germany — Samtec Inc. has optimized the production of one of its largest-volume electronic connector series by switching to Vectra® E488i, a low warpage liquid crystal polymer (LCP) grade that is part of a portfolio of V-0 halogen-free polymers for use in eco-friendly electrical and electronic components from Ticona Engineering Polymers.

The company relies on the Ticona low warpage liquid crystal polymer (LCP) to completely fill the intricately designed CLP series connectors that must maintain extremely tight dimensional tolerances after lead-free reflow soldering temperatures of 260°C.

The polymer is specifically designed to improve warpage behavior resulting in flatter molded thin-wall electronic parts such as Samtec's low profile socket strip CLP series connectors, which are used in electronic board-to-board interconnect systems.

The connectors require thinwall injection molding technology to completely fill the intricately designed parts with up to 50 contacts per row. In addition, these connectors must maintain extremely tight dimensional tolerances after reflow soldering. Formulated with enhanced mechanical properties for design flexibility, the Vectra material offers: reduced warpage; high temperature resistance; high flow; thin walls; and fast cycle times. During molding trials with Vectra E488i, Ticona demonstrated that Samtec could make the successful material switch and eliminate intermittent fill and bowing issues its molder was experiencing with CLP series connector parts molded with other commercially available LCP grades.

Vectra LCP is widely used to make eco-friendly connectors, bobbins, switches and relays that meet RoHS and WEEE directives. In addition, customers and original equipment manufacturers are strive to accelerate the production of green and safe products.

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