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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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Taiwan's Tailyn Leverages Engineering Expertise and Efficiency
Two of the Tailyn's SMT production lines.

Taiwan-headquartered Tailyn Communication Company, Ltd. breaks the usual regional contract manufacturing paradigms by focusing on engineering-intensive, higher mix, variable demand projects. Its focus is on providing the lowest total cost for hard-to-source projects. The company does this by combining telecommunications industry expertise, engineering talent, and a full range of manufacturing capabilities to support its customers' needs.

The company is based in Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Chairman John Chen credits the company's core values of integrity, commitment, innovation and partnership as the primary reasons for its longevity and success. The company is publicly traded on Taiwan's GreTai Securities Market under the symbol GTSM:5353. It focuses on two major business models: original design manufacturer (ODM) providing remote DSLAM products to tier-one telecom manufacturers and electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Its EMS services are focused on OEMs in the wireless communications, networking, point-of-sale and industrial PC industries.

Full Life-Cycle Support
The company provides full life cycle support for its ODM and EMS customer base. A strong background in telecom and datacom products ensures the ability to support product development, board-level assembly, system integration, obsolescence management and repair depot for a wide range of products. There is an exceptionally broad range of telecom-related test expertise, as well as communications-specific test equipment capable of supporting a large number of networking and wireless applications. While much of this capability was initially developed to support telecommunications OEMs, the integration of communication technology in an ever increasing number of products drives continued diversity in Tailyn's customer base. Manufacturing is done in the Taoyuan facility or through strategic alliances in China. There is a sales and program management office Milpitas, California to better support U.S. customers.

Focus on Efficiency
The ability to deliver consistently superior quality is the most important component in achieving lowest total cost. Third-party audited quality systems, industry-defined workmanship standards, robust processes and data collection systems, state-of-the art equipment and well-trained personnel are all part of Tailyn's formula for ensuring consistent, repeatable processes.

Manufacturing facility certifications include ISO 9001:2008, TL 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and QC 080000. IPC-A-610D workmanship standards are utilized and all ESD control procedures adhere to the J-ESD-325A standard.

There is real-time Manufacturing Execution System (MES) process monitoring of both shop floor production yield rate status and variant control. Customer requirements for traceability are achieved through a returned material analysis (RMA) system that tracks every product throughout production and post-manufacturing support processes such as repair depot.

While the most efficient way to achieve high quality is to build it in through robust production processes, today's complex assemblies often require automated inspection capability as an added level of quality assurance. For that reason, the SMT area has both AOI and X-ray inspection capability.

The company's strongest quality resource is its team of dedicated employees. Operators are certified to the operations they perform. All operators are cross-trained to at least two operations to ensure workforce flexibility to meet varying production demand. Tailyn's culture of respect for employees has created an exceptionally low turnover, creating an environment that ensures that products are built by an exceptionally knowledgeable, committed team.

Vision and Measurable Results
So, what does a focus on innovative solutions really mean? In one project, a U.S. communications customer wanted to streamline its product development process for a communications aggregation unit by moving its new product introduction (NPI) efforts to the offshore production facility.

NPI support integrates well into Tailyn's business model of supporting variable demand product. The company applied its design for manufacturability (DFM) expertise and worked closely with the customer's team to ensure all project objectives were met. The end result met the customer's expectations for both quality and delivery performance. Tailyn's U.S. office was able to provide local support throughout the process.
Production operators prepare units for packing and shipping.

In addition, as the BOM and AVL were finalized, the development team was able to make recommendations that leveraged component commonality with the customer's existing production projects. The end result: utilizing existing materials lowered the total customer inventory line item count, and in turn reduced material leadtime, minimized inventory liability and improved logistics efficiency. In another example, a gaming machine OEM was experiencing a 50 percent yield rate on motherboard production at the EMS provider that had originally been selected. This problem both raised costs and made it difficult to meet end customer demand. The customer approached Tailyn as a potential alternate source — provided the manufacturing issues could be resolved.

Tailyn's manufacturing engineering team analyzed the design and made DFM recommendations to do a new layout of the PCB. As a result, the product now is being produced at a 93 percent yield rate, which is an 85 percent improvement over the previous builds at competing contract manufacturers.

In another project, a communications customer wanted to cut test time by 60 percent and reduce manual labor in its wireless test process. Tailyn's industrial engineering team studied the automated test equipment (ATE) platform prototype that the customer had developed. The company then suggested an optimized ATE platform design that would achieve the customer's goals for test time reduction and operations cost improvement.

As a result, Tailyn took over the ATE platform development project which eliminated the need for the customer to commit internal test engineering resources to that project. And since the development effort was handled internally at Tailyn, coordination relative to training, calibration and test equipment optimization between the engineering and the production teams was handled seamlessly. The customer only had to send a technical representative to the facility once to approve the final project vs. the multiple visits normally required when consigned test equipment is used.

The common thread in all of these examples has been a willingness to listen to customer needs and develop a robust offshore solution. Both hidden and measurable costs were reduced through a combination of efficiency, engineering expertise and consistently superior quality.

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