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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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Assembléon Adds New Production Software

Veldhoven, Netherlands — Royal Philips Electronics subsidiary Assembléon is cutting New Product Introduction (NPI) time on its A-Series pick-and-place equipment by 30 percent. The improvement is the first result of the company's strategic partnership with Valor — a division of Mentor Graphics ...Read More
A-Tek Intros Benchtop Router

Berthoud, CO — A-Tek LLC has introduced the TTR-6100 benchtop router. The new machine provides manufacturers with a low-cost depaneling solution in a compact benchtop enclosure. This robust and flexible router is the most viable depaneling solution when compared to other low-cost singulation methods ...Read More
A-Tek Intros Benchtop Router

Berthoud, CO — A-Tek LLC has introduced the TTR-6100 benchtop router. The new machine provides manufacturers with a low-cost depaneling solution in a compact benchtop enclosure. This robust and flexible router is the most viable depaneling solution when compared to other low-cost singulation methods ...Read More
Board Supports Help Jovy Rework Station

Old Town, FL — AVRepair, Inc., the exclusive US distributor for Jovy Systems Products, has added two new accessories that complement the RE-7500 BGA Rework System. The new circuit board supports were just what was needed because the larger circuit boards placed in the X-Y table would often sag and ...Read More
Danaher Expands Gearwrench Tool Line

Sparks, MD — GearWrench® division of Danaher Tool Group has extended its industrial line of hand tools to include more than 700 new products. Designed to minimize downtime and improve productivity for industrial tool users, the line now includes socket sets, ratchets, accessories, impact sockets, pliers and ...Read More
DKN Research: Substrates for Printable Electronics

Haverhill, MA — DKN Research now supplies substrate materials for printable electronics. The company has developed a broad range of screen printing technologies for advanced thick-film circuits including fine line conductors down to 30µ, multi-layer circuits with printed via holes, printed passive ...Read More
ERSA Intros On and Offline Selective Soldering System

Wertheim, Germany — ERSA is introducing its newest product, called the ECOCELL. The system operates following the Toyota principle, with the flow of the printed circuit boards in a counter-clockwise direction. This U-flow arrangement is suitable for operation as production islands, but can also be ...
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Goepel: New Debug Interfaces

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is introducing TIC020, another TAP Interface Card (TIC) within the JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform SCANFLEX® family. The new TIC module has a programmable multi-bus interface, which enables nearly unlimited compatibility with numerous standardized and proprietary ...Read More
Lambient: Products for Dielectric Cure Monitoring

Boston, MA — Lambient Technologies LLC develops instruments, sensors and software for monitoring the dielectric properties of curing polymers. These properties provide insight into the chemistry, formulation, reaction rate, viscosity and cure state of epoxies, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, silicones ...Read More
Manncorp: Compact Wave Solder Machine

Huntingdon Valley, PA — Manncorp has introduced System 16.350, a spin-off of the Model 28.400, one of the best-selling high-volume wave solder machines the company has ever offered. The new, smaller system is in response to customer requests for smaller wave solder machines with many of the key features ...Read More
Multi-Seals: Low Outgassing Epoxy Preforms

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals Inc. is introducing a line of Uni-form epoxy preforms with low outgassing properties. Unlike many adhesives, these highly cross-linked pre-shaped thermoplastics release minimal amounts of trapped gasses or condensable material under vacuum conditions and elevated heat ...Read More
New Boundary-Scan Tools from JTAG

Eindhoven, Netherlands — JTAG has released its development and hardware debug tool, JTAG ProVisionT V1.8, available on the company's latest tools CD (release 16). An important development tool for all boundary-scan applications, ProVision combines advanced automation with the level of control and ...Read More
New Scan Station from Rommel

Roding, Germany — Rommel GmbH is launching its new scan station WL 500 ID-PS — designed to read the various codes used on PCBs or other devices. This solution is suitable for any production line, where process stations need information about devices before actually processing them.Read More
Nordson EFD Valve Actuator Speeds Dispensing

Providence, RI — Nordson EFD's new Backpack Valve Actuator can help companies produce more products in less time by cycling select EFD dispense valves 2 to 3 times faster than previously possible. The faster valve actuation also makes it possible to produce the smaller fluid deposits required in the assembly of many of today's advanced products, such as medical devices and portable electronics...
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Nordson YESTECH: Next Gen Conformal Coat Inspection

Carlsbad, CA — Nordson YESTECH has introduced the next generation inspection solution, the FX-UV Automated Conformal Coating Inspection System. Conformal coatings used by electronic manufacturers contain U.V. indicators for the purpose of quality inspection. Since coatings are transparent, units ...Read More
Omron Offers Training Course Schedule

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Industrial Automation has released the 2010 schedule of training courses for PLC programming and advanced sensor and vision system basics. Courses are held at the company's North American headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, near Chicago'S O'Hare airport.Read More
Pres-On Intros Clear Laminating Tape

Addison, IL — Pres-On is now offering a complete industrial line of permanent/removable clear laminating tapes in standard and custom slit sizes. Primarily used in the temporary bonding of labels, packaging padding, reclosable bags, retail point-of-purchase displays and promotional items, Pres-On's PB200 laminating tapes reportedly deliver exceptional reliability for manufacturers of these products...
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Scheugenpflug Intros Updated Resin Prep/Feeder

Neustadt/Donau-Germany — Scheugenpflug AG is introducing an updated preparation and feeding unit for self-leveling dispensing materials, the model A310. The new unit has a 7-in. full-graphics touch screen display with many functions, such as the timer, the automatic maintenance alerts on the pumps ...Read More
Sonics: New 20kHz Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

Newtown, CT — Sonics & Materials®, Inc., is introducing its new 20kHz ultrasonic wire splicing system capable of handling splices from 0.5 to 40mm2 and beyond. The new system uses the company's SmartControl ultrasonic power supply, offering microprocessor control with full-color touch ...Read More
Spartanics Offers Free Materials Testing for Laser Cutting

Rolling Meadows, IL — Spartanics has opened its Laser Die Cutting Applications Laboratory for Materials Research to assist electronics engineers and electronics products manufacturers in using rapidly advancing laser die cutting technology. The technology is useful for manufacturing membrane switches ...Read More
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