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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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MTS Improves Sensor Vibration Tolerance
Sensors have improved vibration tolerance.
Cary, NC — MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has further improved the design of its Temposonics linear-position sensors to increase the sensors' longevity in high-vibration applications. The High Vibration Resistance option (HVR) increases the vibration tolerance from 15g to 30g (10 to 2000Hz) in the company's R-Series Analog, R-Series SSI, and G-Series sensors, and further increases the longevity of the sensors.

These developments, in addition to the rugged durability of their non-contact magnetostrictive technology, make the linear-position sensors suitable for wood industry applications including all types of sawmill machinery, plywood and veneer equipment, portable mills and tree harvesting and processing attachments.

The robustness and reliability of these linear-position sensors can greatly reduce maintenance costs, and quite often, can be used to extend the life of older machines. R-Series and G-Series linear position sensors provide a cost-effective solution for applications that demand tough, low-maintenance position sensors that ensure accuracy and production efficiency.

The linear-position sensors employ non-contact, magnetostrictive sensing technology, which, by eliminating wear, provide users with much higher durability and output reliability than other technologies such as potentiometers or optical encoders.

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