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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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Modular Programmable Power Loads from Instek
Programmable modular power loads.
Chino, CA — GW Instek has introduced its new multi-channel programmable DC electronic load, the PEL-2000 Series. The new product is a multiple-channel programmable DC electronic load with modularized structure. This product is designed to meet the test requirements of high-speed semiconductor devices in the market today.

The line of new instruments includes two types of mainframes and 4 types of load modules to provide the flexibility needed to meet user needs. By combining mainframes and modules, the user is able to tailor a test system based on the required channel number and the Max. Load Power, Voltage and Current of each channel in the project. Since multiple loads can be connected in parallel to provide a higher-power load, this flexibility significantly reduces the need for various different loads for different power projects. PEL-2004, for example, is a 4-slot mainframe with a master control unit that holds 4 load modules, while PEL-2002 that holds 2 load modules. The PEL-2004 configured with four load modules each with 350W capacity thus can provide a Max. Load Power of 1.4kVA. In another configuration the PEL-2004 and four load modules of 2-channel inputs each is able to provide eight load channels to test a power supply that has up to eight outputs.

The "Sequence" function allows each channel to change load following a pre-defined arbitrary waveform sequence at a selectable speed up to 100µs per step. Furthermore, each channel can proceed with its respective arbitrary waveform sequence and work together with others with a clock control to provide multi-channel actual-device simulation. This way, the unit can simulate the load operations of a multi-output power supply.

In Dynamic mode, the load current or load resistance bounces up and down between two preset levels at a selectable speed up to 25µs per step. This provides standard test procedures for the verification of a power supply's response to very quick load changes. Most remarkably, multiple load channels can be connected in parallel to run Dynamic test synchronously under a clock control. This Parallel Dynamic function provides the flexibility to perform Dynamic test over a high-power power supply without the need of another high-power load

The PEL-2000 Series provides USB Host/Device and RS-232 interface as standard and GPIB option for external control and system configuration. The LabView driver and a Data Logging PC software are supported on all of the available interfaces. The analog control/monitoring connector — one for each channel — is also available at the rear panel for external control of load on/off and external monitoring of load input current and voltage.

Contact: Instek America Corp., 3661 Walnut Avenue, Chino, CA 91710 909-591-8358 fax: 909-591-2280 E-mail: Web:

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