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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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HSI Intros Liquid Level Sensors
Fluid level sensors.
Chickasha, OK — HSI Sensing has unveiled its new series of liquid level sensors, also known as float sensors or fluid level sensors. The new PRX+1660 series represents a new product line for the company, which enables it to address the need for reliable, robust, and reasonably priced sensors for liquid level monitoring applications in appliance, automotive, control, household, industrial, municipal, petrochemical, power generation, processing, and recreational markets.

These sensors can be used for level sensing or monitoring of brake fluid, contained water, dilute acid, gasoline, oil, or any number of process liquids, limited only by the series' material of construction — polyamide or polypropylene.

As with all of the company's reed-switch-based designs, these sensors require no electric power to function since they operate using a permanent magnet — in this case, designed into the level sensor — so the sensors are not dependent on batteries and thereby can be used in extreme and/or remote environments for an extended period of time. Both "normally open" and "normally closed" designs are available in the new series.

The sensors can be mounted at the top or bottom of a liquid container or tank, depending on the application's requirements. When operated within rated electrical loads, these float sensors will provide millions of cycles, long life, and years of reliable operation.

The sensors' rated power is 10 watts and the initial resistance is 0.30Ω. Voltage rating is from 180 to 200VDC max; current rating is from 0.7 to 1.0A DC max; voltage holdoff is 200 to 240VDC min; and operating distance is 0.177 to 0.728-in. (4.5 to 18.5mm).

Contact: HSI, 3100 Norge Road, Chickasha, OK 73018 405-224-4046 fax: 405-224-9423 Web:

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