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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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Epec: Re-Inventing Itself
Engineering and design are at the forefront of the company's offerings.
New Bedford, MA — Epec has recently expanded its design and manufacturing capabilities, into built-to-print engineered electronic products, resulting in an identity shift and new Web site. Reflecting these changes, it has changed its corporate name from Epec to Epec Engineered Technologies.

Three years ago, in partnership with several key customers, Epec began investing in broadening its product offering to include the development and manufacture of membrane switches, graphic overlays and custom battery packs. With this growth came the expansion of the company's already substantial 24/7 engineering services, which offers customers product development support, and gives the company a distinct advantage in getting products to market, at the lowest overall cost.

According to Ed McMahon, CEO of Epec Engineered Technologies, "Epec's strategic initiatives are focused on quality, innovation and value-added services. When our customers began asking us to diversify and assist them in manufacturing other built-to-print products in their supply chain, we did extensive research, and worked closely with them to make the right investments, that align with their needs. Our longer-range plan is to continue developing engineering and manufacturing solutions that help our customers get to market faster. Expanding our name at this juncture, to Epec Engineered Technologies, is both appropriate and timely."

The successful development of Epec Engineered Technologies' Asian infrastructure, engineering and technical manufacturing expertise has enabled the company to grow into a world-class built-to-print electronic product solutions provider. The company has thus expanded its activities and offerings:

  • Global manufacturing of custom engineered products.
  • North American field support teams deliver flexible and experienced solutions.
  • Global ISO infrastructure and continuously improving Epec UL certified manufacturing facilities.
  • Dedicated 24/7 engineering and one-on-one customer support.
  • Customized stocking and consigned inventory management programs support our customers' logistics objectives.

Based on years of working with more than 5,000 customers in a wide variety of market segments, it can point to expertise in several major market areas.

Medical. Epec is heavily involved with the production of engineered products for the medical equipment industry. The company's medical customer list includes a host of internationally known medical device manufacturers.

Transportation. For applications from mirror controls to horn switches, transportation industry OEMs rely on the strength, precision, and durability of Epec products to deliver long term value to their customers. In addition, the company provides custom engineered products for applications for high automotive, rail, marine, railway infrastructure, airport management and motorsports customers.

Aerospace & Military. Epec produces numerous aerospace and military components for some of the larger companies in the United States. Production supports communication, helicopter parts, countermeasures, cockpit lighting and many others.

Industrial. Many of the company's customers fall into the category of general industrial for which it produces engineered solutions. Customers include manufacturers of welding equipment, safety/security devices, portable printers, solar panels, power supplies, gas detection, mining equipment, utility metering, process controls and many others.

Consumer Products. From the company's beginning, it has supported the needs of customers in the consumer products industry. Garage door openers, lighting, appliances, lawn & garden, home entertainment, fitness equipment, and home audio are just a few of the categories of customers served in this segment.

Contact: Epec Engineered Technologies, 174 Duchaine Blvd., New Bedford, MA 02745 888-995-5171 or 508-995-5171 fax: 508-998-8694 E-mail: Web:

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