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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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Technical Devices: Cleaning with Steam
Aqua Batch AL board cleaning system.
Torrance, CA — Technical Devices Company's Nu/Clean AquaBatch XL is described as offering the ultimate in process control because of its robust software and integrated touchscreen.

The user can monitor all of the machine's cleaning functions in real time on-screen. The intuitive, easy-to-use software and the large size of the touchscreen plus password protection and almost unlimited recipe storage are destined to make it a favorite among both operators and process engineers.

The Aqua Batch XL has the super cleaning power of steam. Adding a steam cycle can dramatically increase cleanliness by more easily removing all types of electronic assembly residues including fluxes (water soluble, RMA, no-clean, and lead-free types), plating salts, finger soils, dust, and loose solder balls.

Within the laboratory-grade stainless steel process chamber, high-energy Coherent Jet spray manifolds deliver up to 5X more cleaning pressure than other nozzles. Randomized vector technology with the coherent jet spray minimizes component shadowing better than simply moving board racks back and forth. And the process window lets the operator see exactly what is going on inside.

The ergonomically designed polypro cabinet is rustproof and chemical-resistant. Included with the Nu/Clean Aqua Batch XL are two stainless steel adjustable board racks (upper and lower). The unit provides easy access to every part of the batch cleaner, making maintenance easy.

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