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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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DEK: Sentinel Print Inspection System
Sentinel inspection system.
Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK's new Sentinel system is designed to safeguard stencil print productivity — unifying automatic verification, traceability, real-time process management and inspection capabilities. It reportedly safeguards and increases productivity at the print platform, measured most effectively and realistically as even greater numbers of qualified good boards per hour moving to downstream assembly processes.

Based on the company's HawkEye® post-print inspection tool, Sentinel delivers 100 percent inspection capability at the line beat rate, and offers high speed paste on pad, bridge detection and alignment capabilities.

The key to this practical effectiveness is exceptional ease of use and simple setup. The large number of process variables and independent modules with which operators must contend and monitor in conventional platform configurations can lead to oversights and errors. Sentinel was created to unite these disparate tools and present a cohesive, friendly user interface for easy and intuitive control.

The Sentinel system's inspection technology operates at an unparalleled 36,000mm2 per second performance to avoid impacting the fast cycle times of the company's print platforms. It incorporates the company's Verification & Traceability to enable complete traceability of materials and processes to board and pad level; closed loop control for alignment; automatic understencil cleaning using Cyclone; and paste dispensing using the Paste Roll Height Monitor to provide optimal process efficiency. It will also reject bad boards without interrupting production.

Sentinel is controlled by Instinctiv V9 user interface to deliver rapid setup and intuitive operator prompts and guidance. It is available factory configured on the company's three primary automatic printer platforms: Horizon, Europa/Photon, and Galaxy. It is also available as an upgrade to certain DEK platforms manufactured during the past four years.

Contact: DEK, 1785 Winnetka Circle, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 847-368-1155 Web:

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