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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Samtec Intros Fast Edge Rate Cables
High-speed cables.
New Albany, IN — Samtec's High Speed Edge Rate® Twinax, Micro Coax, and Direct-to-Lead Coax Cable Assemblies incorporate its rugged 0.8mm (0.0315-in.) pitch Edge Rate terminals and sockets (ERM8/ERF8 Series) which are designed for superior signal integrity and impedance control and reduced broadside coupling. The result is a robust family of cable-to-board interconnect solutions suitable for high speed and long cable run applications as well as for emulation testing; the ERF8 Series connector has been specified as the standard board level interface by NEXUS, and ARM.

All three systems have rugged friction latches that increase de-mating to 7 pounds. Edge Rate 34 AWG, 50 ohm coax cable assemblies include the Micro Coax Cable (ERCD Series) and the Direct-to-Lead Coax Cable (ERCDA Series) which is rated from 890MHz (1 meter) to 7.90GHz (6-in.) and is hot pluggable. The Direct-to-Lead cable is also designed to optimize signal integrity with a patent-pending direct termination that eliminates the need for a PCB.

The Edge Rate 30 AWG 100Ω Differential Pair Twinax Cable (ERDP Series) is rated from 1.41GHz (1 meter) to 6.33GHz (6-in./152mm) and is also hot pluggable. The Micro Coax and Twinax assemblies also have an optional squeeze latch system that prevents unintentional de-mating.

Contact: Samtec, Inc., P.O. Box 1147, New Albany, IN 47151-1147 800-726-8329 or 812-944-6733 fax: 812-948-5047 E-mail: Web:

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