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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Spectra-Physics Intros Industrial Laser
Laser scribing system.
Santa Clara, CA — Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corporation Brand, has added to its Tristar family of Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) industrial lasers. The high-repetition-rate Tristar 355-2 is suitable for high throughput LED scribing and provides over 2W of 355nm output at 90kHz and a short pulse width of less than 25ns.

The new rugged laser is designed and tested for high reliability and extended life. Features include a motorized third harmonic crystal shifter for stable UV power over the life of the product, a special automatic laser purification system (ALPS) to actively clean the UV laser cavity and significantly extend laser life, and automatic data logging for cradle-to-grave product and process traceability. According to the company, the high peak power and excellent beam quality of the laser system result in cleaner scribe lines, higher throughput, and higher brightness LEDs when used for scribing LED substrates. The higher peak power enables the removal of material using a short burst of high energy, resulting in higher throughput scribing and less heat-related damage to individual LED devices. Other key applications include rapid prototyping, marking, and stereolithography. The laser delivers both a low cost per watt, and low cost of operation over the life of the system.

Contact: Spectra-Physics, 3635 Peterson Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054 408-980-4300 Web:

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