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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Semelab Intros DLCC MELF Diodes
MIL-spec diode in DLCC package.
Leicestershire, UK — TT electronics Semelab has developed a series of ceramic diode leadless chip carrier devices for military, aerospace, avionics and high-temperature applications. Designated the DLCC Series, the diodes provide enhanced thermal performance and better solderability in a fully-hermetic surface mount ceramic package designed to fit the standard solder footprint for existing MELF-type devices.

According to the company, it can also find solutions for difficult-to-source components. The DLCC2 and 3 are generic outlines which can be used to incorporate almost any silicon or silicon carbide die, which the company will then qualify to its own high-rel wafer acceptance test levels.

Advanced packaging design features of the new diodes include thermal vias that improve heat transfer to the solder pads, reducing the diodes junction temperature and increasing its operating lifetime. In addition, the DLCC package incorporates castellated terminations that ensure the solder meniscus between the PCB and the device is visible for inspection.

The DLCC packages take full advantage of the proven high reliability of the LTCC surface mount technology, which is easily integrated for automated assembly. The company has taken the existing standards for ceramic surface mount package manufacture and added more design features to enhance thermal performance, presenting a competitive advantage for high reliability applications. The DLCC design fully utilizes the solder footprint for the MELF package and as such presents a drop-in replacement for existing board designs.

Contact: Aerospace Division, TT electronics Semelab Limited, Coventry Rd, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4JB UK +44 (0)1455 556565 fax: +44 (0)1455 552612 E-mail: Web:

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