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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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10kV DIP 24 DC/DC Converters from Recom
DC/DC converter.
Dreieich, Germany — Recom Electronic GmbH has developed a DC/DC converter in a DIP24 case that breaks the 10kV barrier. The new converters, the REC 3.5 and REC 6 families, offer 10kVDC isolation.

At the heart of this new development is a new transformer concept, based on the patent-pending "Re3-Inforced" Technology. Although much smaller than conventional transformers, this new concept uses triple isolated transformer windings. Not only has the size been significantly reduced, the winding capacitance has also been reduced by a factor of 3 down to 20pF. This ensures extremely low leakages — required in medical applications, where the electronic circuit is in contact with the patient.

These new converter families have power ratings of 3.5 and 6 watts, offering a 20 percent higher power rating than their predecessors, while providing an efficiency of 86 percent. The max. ambient operating temperature without derating and with natural convection cooling is specified at +85°C for the REC 3.5. For the more powerful REC 6 the ambient operating temperature is +75°C, and the case temperature can reach up to +105°C.

All converters have permanent short-circuit and overload protection and conform to EN, CSA and CB specifications. They are available with the two most common pin-outs and can optionally be delivered with under-voltage protection and a remote pin.

In addition to medical applications, these highly insulated DC/DC-converters are also suited for industrial applications, such as high-energy and high-voltage applications or in IGBT-circuits.
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