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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Optical Cable Intros Bend Tolerant Fiber Cables
Roanoke, VA — Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is introducing its High Density (HD) Bend Tolerant cable developed to suit data centers and space-constrained applications.The cables are suitable for use in trunk, LAN, data center, 40/100 GbE and other high-density applications where small size, light weight and very small bend radii are needed or desired.

The small diameter of the cable's construction saves space and increases capacity in tray systems, improves cable management and increases cooling efficiency, and reduces cost for installation under raised floor cabling systems in data centers. Coupled with the company's MT cable assemblies and smaller-footprint HD MT Cassette, the new cable design offers a plug-and-play connectivity for a multitude of applications.

According to the company, the cable design offers better bend performance and lower attenuation than commercially available fiber only. Bend Tolerant cable design for HD cables is a non-ribboned product that eliminates the preferential bend axis that plagues ribbon cables. This unusual cable design allows for superior bend performance with negligible dB loss at a very small bend radius. The 3mm 12-fiber sub-cables are also easily ribbonized for MTP/MPO connectors. The HD design means that the cables exceed ITU-T-G.657.A2 standards for bending performance, and OM3/OM4 multimode cables have a tighter bend performance rating than competing designs. In addition, the cable's design provides a smaller-diameter cable best-suited for installations in areas with limited space, tight bends or wherever ultimate flexibility is required.

The cable is available in 2 through 72 fiber counts. Individual cables are colored for ease of termination, and fiber counts greater than 12 fibers will be 3mm 12-fiber sub-cables. They are UL Listed OFNP in accordance with NEC 770.179(a). In addition, the HD cables are available in standard fiber types.

Contact: Optical Cable Corporation, 5290 Concourse Dr., Roanoke, VA 24019 800-622-7711 or 540-265-0690 Web:

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