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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Vibration Isolation from Kinetic Systems
Benchtop vibration isolation platform.
Boston, MA — A new lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system has been introduced by Kinetic Systems, Inc. Specifically designed for portability, the ELpF can be easily repositioned on the benchtop, even with a load and in float. The unit's unusual self-contained design allows such repositioning with no damage to the vibration isolators.

An economical alternative to heavier models, the Ergonomic Low-Profile-Format platform provides vibration isolation for sensitive devices. It is available with a load capacity of 100 or 300 lbs. The platform has a low profile (only 3-in. high nom.), uses a small tabletop (16 x 19-in. standard), and weighs only 40 lbs. Ergonomic features include gauges tilted upward for easier viewing and recessed handles for easy carrying.

Designed for use in laboratories and Class 100 cleanrooms, the ELpF platform is suitable for supporting atomic force microscopes, microhardness testers, analytical balances, profilometers, audio equipment, and other equipment.

Self-leveling and active-air isolation give the platform low natural frequencies (1.75Hz vertical, 2.0Hz horizontal) and typical isolation efficiencies of 95 percent (vertical) and 92 percent (horizontal) at 10Hz.

Other tabletop sizes can be customized per specifications. The top can be aluminum plate, ferromagnetic stainless steel, plastic laminate, or anti-static laminate.

Contact: Kinetic Systems, Inc., 20 Arboretum Rd., Boston, MA 02131 800-992-2884 or 617-522-8700 fax: 617-522-6323 E-mail: Web:

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