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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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New Lumex UV LEDs in Glass-Topped Packages
UV LEDs in glass-topped TO-46 packaging.
Palatine, IL — Lumex has launched its QuasarBrite UV family of LED technologies. According to the company, the UV LEDs provide a 10 times longer lifespan, tight beam angle, enhanced durability and up to 50 percent cost savings compared to alternative technologies.

The RoHs compliant UV LEDs are available in 385nm, 405nm and 415nm wavelengths at 4-6mW in through-hole format.

The new technology is suitable for a wide range of applications including bacterial and superficial sterilization for medical device technologies related to phototherapy, dental, and dermatology equipment; industrial control device technology related to leak and biohazard detection; forensic applications related to counterfeit detection and forensic analysis of bodily fluids; and ink fluorescing.

According to the company, despite the many benefits of UV LED technology, adoption has been limited in the past because the materials used in the epoxy LED lens degraded the lifespan of UV LEDs to less than 5,000 hours. By replacing the epoxy lenses with a robust TO-46 package with glass lens, QuasarBrite UV LEDs now last at least 10 times longer, providing a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

In addition to enhanced life span, the new LEDs provide several key benefits compared to alternative technologies like CCFLs. They provide a uniform beam pattern. To match this performance CCFLs would require a secondary lens resulting in additional cost and space investment. Also, QuasarBrites do not use the hazardous mercury material found in CCFL technology and are more durable in their design, thereby significantly reducing maintenance costs. Finally, the new UV LEDs have up to 70 percent lower energy consumption than CCFLs. These factors combine to provide up to a 50 percent cost savings compared to CCFLs.

Contact: Lumex Inc., 290 E. Helen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067 800-278-5666 fax: 847-359-8904 E-mail: Web:

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